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Ooty's hidden marvel. Walk from Lovedale to Ketty by the railway line

Ooty's hidden marvel

Lovedale to Ketty
Not hidden actually but also hidden.
A walk by the railway line. People take train from Ooty to Coonnor and always sigh – “Wish there were not in the train but off the train in such a heavenly place”.
So be it then.

Lovedale to Ketty walk by the railways lines.
Lovedale railways station where we begin our walk.
Begin of walk
First how to get to the Lovedale station. One can catch a local bus from Ooty Bus Stand or just from anywhere where buses pass. The hotel we usually stay in, is close to Charring Cross Square so we catch the bus from there. Fare is just 3 rupee and it is barely 5 km. Bus drops us off near Lovedale station and we walk to the platform.
So that is the beginning of our journey. Now Ketty is just 5km from here. Now beware that you will be entering into a heaven. If you wish you can keep a water bottle with me but I drink water from the springs that ooze from the rocks all over the way.
Now we begin our walk; are you with me. I hope so. Actually this story is not much to describe but pictures are enough. Just 5 kilometers. I do it again and again and then I dream about doing it again and again. This walk stayed as it was at 20 years ago.
So we leave platform of Lovedale and walk by the tracks. Well, there is a trail goes at the right side of track but time to time one needs to walk in between the tracks. That is fun too. Lemon grass is all over so be sure to chew a twig and also keep some twigs in your pocket because you will be getting tea after you get to Ketty station.
So we left Lovedale station
So we left Lovedale station. After just one curve vista opens up and Ketty Valley is at your right side. Wow! Wow! Wow!
What do you think?
Ketty Valley
After a couple of turns on the track. Well not after a couple of turns but after 2 hours because time stops here. Once is just hypnotized or rather mesmerized. One just sits at the grass or on a rock to gaze the view. All senses of the body open up here and one may thing that one is getting a pang of enlightenment.
We finally we woke up from this pang and started walking. Here comes a tunnel. Well ….. we must walk into this tunnel. There’d be some more tunnels. Wow! a train is appearing from the Coonoor side.
Wow! Wow! Wow! Look at that and you were about to enter in the narrow tunnel. But don’t worry; train is far away and you were already looking up for the excuse of stopping at gazing at the valley so then gaze it.
Finally train is passing in front of you. All passengers, mostly tourists are envious of you and almost everybody is waving at you; that includes driver as well guard too.
Rails in the Heaven
Now you enter into the tunnel. Don’t worry it is very safe. Any train coming your way will be visible from miles.
Tunnel is coming
Now we are in the tunnel. I always drink water in the tunnel, water is always dripping from the cracks in the rocks but my wife does not drink this water. So use your own judgement.
In the tunnel.
What do you think, what will happen when you step out of the tunnel. I will tell what will happen. You will get another pang of enlightenment.
Here it is:
Ketty valley after the tunnel.
At the next turn:
By the rails.
Want to drink more scenes:
Velley by the railway tracks.
Hey Man, it is eat all you can buffet.
There comes a small brook and flowers are growing all over here and valley by the rails is a bit stretched out. Grass is growing all over and …. Man. I want to lie down in the grass in reclining position like Buddha; after all I am also getting pangs of enlightenment; I too deserve Buddha postures.
So I gaze at the valley again.
Damn it! I don’t have any picture of this place. What to catch in the camera and what not. Anyway at that time I never though I’d be sharing my pictures.
Well Ketty station is very near now. You can watch the signal arm from here. Track is entering in the jungle of eucalyptus trees but valley can be still seen but in the gaps. Wow! the aroma of the eucalyptus is again waking up all the senses.
Hope you have Lemongrass in your pockets. Or you will miss lemon tea. First check the time for the train to Coonoor and then walk to the end of platform and turn right on the road. Down the road a tea shop is waiting for you at the left. Ask for black tea and then add your lemongrass and drink it up so share my exact experience. Or you can have your own experience your own way then I’d be happy to know it.
Ketty platform
Well we had our tea. Waited a bit for the train from Ooty. Here comes the train so we took it and arrived at Connoor while it is just past the noon. We had superb lunch at a restaurant and more cups of tea. Then took the last train back to Ooty.
We watched again those turns from the train those we did on foot. A honeymooning couple sitting next to us; and the girl sighed; wish we were were walking here. Boy said: I don’t know how to come here and it is all wilderness and dangerous because there is no road.
We arrived at Ooty just Sun was about to set. It was my Pakoda eating time and I begun buying my pakotas and my wife entered in the famous temple of Ooty.
By the way you can just return from Ketty to Ooty back by road. After the platform where we made right for the tea you can make a left and after about 1 km you hit the Ooty-Coonoor road. Or just take the stepped train the begins by the temple and goes to the village on the top. There you can catch the bus.
View of Ketty valley.
Lovedale to Ketty walk by the rails

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