Sunday, February 17, 2013

A morning in Bangalore flower market.

Not many people know if this market exists but this is a grand flower market. I have been to all continents and many cities of the world but this flower market is special. You will never ever see these many flowers but only here in this market.
Bangalore Flower Market

However there is a secret. This market exists only from 4am to 7am early in the morning in City Market area. It stretches to Avenue Road to Jama Masjid. It is huge, grand and lots of lots of flowers.
Avenue road section

I usually stay in a hotel at Avenue Road near Mysore Bank area so this market is a walking distance to me. I was visiting Bangalore for the last 20 years but never knew about this market but accidently I stumbled upon it. Once I arrived in Bangalore in very early morning at 3AM and my hotel was not open yet so I walked towards City Market area to have a cup of tea because one can expect a shop of tea open only in the city market at 3.30AM.
There I saw this market and was simple flabbergasted. I though maybe it was a weekly market but then I made a routine to have a morning walk in this area and enjoyed this market everyday.
Truck and trucks full of flower come here to be unloaded and buyers from whole Karnataka come here to make a purchase.
Decorators are here with their albums and they will create the design on order or they can be asked to visit the venue with their truck load of flowers for the special decorations.
People from temples come here to buy flowers. Wedding planners, decorators, flower wholesalers and retailers they all come here to make bulk purchase. Flowers for temples, weddings, birthdays, funerals and all.
Here you will find cars, auto rickshaws, scooters, mopeds, bullock or anything with a wheel; full of flowers. Some come here to sell and some come here to buy.
This market is a treat to not just eyes but to all senses. Whole atmosphere is full of colors and fragrances. Probably the eyes have never seen such a combination of colors ever; if you visit here first time.
When in Bangalore I enjoy my first morning tea in this market.

In addition to flowers, there are many wholesale retailers of pottery and craft supplies, thus making it a true florist haven. Some people sell various tree branches and I saw women buying Cherry Blossom branches for the centerpieces they were getting ready to create.
Roses, orchids, impatiens, tulips and peonies and ….. , oh my! I have heard tales of Bangalore’s flower market
After 7AM, most of the wholesalers shift their bulks to the basement of City Market and most of the flower trading is done there in the day time. That place is also a worth to visit.
So how you like this market?
Not just this market; but you can buy breakfast in the side streets. Parallel road food market also wakes up. Tea, idlee, dosas, puri, bread butter, bun-jam and many other things are available for breakfast.
However around seven AM market begins to vanish, food venders too packup and just disappear because all the flower and food stalls are set in front of the regular shops and then road is also taken over by the market. But in the morning traffic increases and then shops begin to open and this market begins to disappear.
Once I took my Botany Scientist friend to this market. My friends was just overwhelmed with such a grand scale gala of flowers. He had never seen so many varieties of flowers in his life. Many many varieties he was witnessing very first time in his life wherever he read about those in the books.
Market is hot at 4 AM. Or phoolon kaa bazaar is garam at 4 AM. It is at its peak at 5 AM so that is the best time to arrive. However if you come at 6 AM bazaar still appears garam but you have missed half of the flowers. All big lots are already auctioned off or sold off and only small retail lots are now present. All the picture I have posted are after 6 AM and you can see the traffic is building up and buses etc in the background. All the picture are taken at the time when market was about to vanish to make room for the traffic and regular market activity.
I brought many of my friends to this market and every one was just amazed or rather stunned to witness the extravaganza of flowers at this scale. All wondered; how come they never heard or read about this market.
You will never see any tourist or visitor here but only people genuinely interested in buying or selling of flowers.
Probably the early morning time is the turn back for most of the people to visit here to see the extravaganza and pomp of flowers. But it is worth it.
Just to witness this market I wake up at 5 AM everyday (when in Bangalore) and walk 2 km. It is worth. One feels blessed to come here.
Looking at the so many flowers in the morning; sure it is going to be a good day.
So have a good day. May one day you too get lucky to be in this flower market.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.


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