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A walking tour in Bangalore

Bangalore is an air-conditioned city and I love to walk there. This walking tour that I am posting here is not a tour that I walked once but it is a way of my life there. Let’s begin this walk from Mysore Bank HQ area. I usually stay in a hotel in Cubbonpet around Avenue area near Mysore Bank HQ.
Avenue road begins at Anjaneya Temple at Mysore Bank area
Avenue road begins at Anjaneya Temple; Mysore Bank area
This area has the best of the best Bangalore restaurants. Ganesh Prasad and Adigas are very close and both are super. Self service as well fully serving air conditioned sitting areas are available. Avenue road in Bangalore is worth having a trip. It leads from Mysoer Bank to City Market however you are walking opposite the traffic because it is one way street. There are sidewalks at both sides of the road. Best shopping bargains in the books are available in the Mysore Bank area and then best garment bargains are available around Chickpet area. On the Jumma Masjid road, best silk bargains are available. Just before Jumma Masjid road intersection comes RT Street and Rangaswami temple is superb. There are many other temples also.
Bazaar at Avenue Road
Bazaar at Avenue Road
Then a little further walking and here comes Chickpet main road and around this area best garment deals can be bargained. At Chickpet main road are the big and famous silk show rooms. Whole area is very colorful. There are about 20 big Jain Temples in this area. The biggest is Jain Temple is on Chickpet Main Road. Sri Adinath Jain Temple. It is a very peaceful and serene place and a feast to the eyes. One can enter in this marble temple and sit here to just meditate in the serene and calm setup.
Avenue Road
Avenue road near Rangaswami temple
After visiting this temple and colorful market area; let’s return to Avenue road and take Jumma Masjid Road to all the way to Masjid and then make a left turn at the end. And then make a right turn at all the way end of this road also and it is KMN Road. You have to walk on this KMN road for about half kilometers but you can walk zigzag in the side streets and return to KMN road. It is the main silk processing area of Bangalore. There are Hundreds of silk factories in the streets. You need not to enter in any factory to watch the fabric being made but you can peek from outside and you’d know it all. When you return to KMN Road, don’t forget to have a cup of coffee from Indian Coffee Bar. It is a small shop but you will never ever have any better coffee than this place. After you had your coffee then make a first right and if you missed any silk factory then you got another chance here. Street is lined with silk factories. Then at the end make a right and after just a block here comes a beautiful park just by the main road; called KG Road. A nice small park with a pretty croton garden. You can relax here for sometime if you wish.
Cubbon park gate
Cubbon Park Gate
After the park just ask anyone for the direction to Hudson Circle that is actually in front of you just 100 yards. Cross KG Road and then cross Nrupathunga Road (You cannot go wrong because there are only these road are in your way) and then Walk towards cubbon park (100 yards). Just before Cubbon Park comes a stall run by Agriculture department that sells grape juice. It is the best grape juice you will drink here in Bangalore. Then right next to this stall is Cubbon Park. As you enter in this huge park cross the road and don’t go towards State Library that is about 1 km in front of you but go towards the open air temple. It is a very serene temple under the shade of trees and there is always something going on in this temple.
Cabbon Park
Cabbon Park
Now take the path and in the park and walk a bit. There comes a grove of bamboo on both sides of a small brook. Very dense bamboo grove and now around this path you will find a small crowd. It is a Hizra (Khusra) prostitution point. Khusras take their customers to the dens made in the lush bamboo foliage tunnels. I always wonder about this concept; where and how this concept fits in the human life. Well so far is something is unpleasing here; this is it. Now you move on further a 100 years and you can sit on any of the benches around this area. If you like tamarind then you can find a pod under the trees. Hundreds of strange kind of trees brought from many countries are planted here. This is the most un-kept area of the Cubbon park but I love it as it is. Once a while you may find someone selling tea from their thermoses. It is usually very hot and I always enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in this garden.
Dense Bamboo grove
Dense Bamboo grove at Cubbon Park
Now let’s walk another hundred yards and cross a road and here comes more groomed garden and I love this too. Plenty of bences to sit on. Depending upon the season you may find the bloom of Gulmohar, Jacaranda, Kachnar etc. This place offers you a cherry blossom of India.

Enjoyed sitting here and now let’s move on the next stage of this park. Walk straight and cross another road and now we are in the most maintained section of the park. This area is full of flowers. After another 100 yards walk you will find a path to your right going towards Museums. Both main museums on Bangalore, Archeological Museum and Technological museum are here on your walking distance. Technological museum is superb.
Jacranda blooming in Cubbon Park
Jacranda blooming at Cubbon Park
To your left is the well groomed park and there is a bandstand where occasionally free concerts are held. Lush green setting amidst of flowers. A quite large and very pretty area.
Let’s walk another 100 yards and here comes children park at your right where runs a toy train for kids in the evening and at your left, is park and there are some big rocks where people enjoy sitting. Both of Bangalore’s famous monuments one High Court and second Vidhan Sabha are on your walking distance at your right. Walk to your right for half Kilometer and comes the back side of High court and a path leads to the front side. At front is the Vidhan Sabha at one side and High-court on other side.
Band Stand at Cubbon park

Band stand at Cubbon Park.
Let’s walk back in the park and return to children park area, here is an aquarium to visit if you wish. Then cross the street and it begins the famous MG Road of Bangalore. Chinnaswamy stadium is in your front. MG Road where young people visit in the evening. I always begin walking around 3PM so I get here around 6PM. After you pass the church and St. Mark road, here begins the core area of MG Road where young people come in the evening.
Brigade Road
Brigade Road
Opposite to MG road runs the newly build Metro Line. The most scenic metro ride I ever had from MG road to Byrappahalli station. So we walk on MG road towards Brigade road the most famous section of MG road where all the famous restaurants are like Pizza Hut, McDonald, KFC etc. etc. Some bargain hunting can be done here. My favorite are the used book shop where buy used books. It is a very colorful area. After crossing Brigade road lies the best handicraft museum and shop of Govt. of Karnataka. You can buy handicraft worth of 10 rupee to one million dollar price and may be even higher. A definite feast to the eyes and all senses because they sell sandalwood things also so is the sweet smell resides there.
MG Road
MG Road
Walk over Brigade road and visit showroom and stores. And then return back to MG road and cross it and after 2 blocks lies Commercial street shopping area. So it is evening and so many neon sign make you feel like you are in Bangkok or Hong Kong. Big brand named showrooms are here but good bargain shopping can be done in the side streets. In the side streets are many Muslim tea shops; those are my favorite. Best tea can be had in Bangalore is from Muslim tea shops. Mostly I order sulaimani tea (lemon tea) I enjoy pakodas and vadas in the side streets in the evening. Take the side street by the mosque and walk all the way down; here comes shoe market. Good shoe bargains here for the fancy shoes. Hundreds of shoe shops are here and hen comes several very beautiful temples. Area leads to further large markets; first one is utensil market and then burqua market and then fabric market etc. etc.
Commercial Street

Commercial Street
After visiting colorful markets after markets we come to St. Mary’s Basilica. It is a large cathedral and always full of people in the evening. There are several benches inside and outside to relax and meditate. No questions asked; one can just sit and enjoy the time without any condition. I sit here and relax in the evening after my long walks.
Commercial Street at night
Commercial Street at Night
Now it is close to night so we come out of basilica from the back door that straight leads to Shivaji Nagar Bus Terminal. Many superb South Indian restaurants are here. From here you can catch a bus or hail an auto to return back.
Saint Mary's Basilica
Saint Mary’s Basilica
Saint Mary's Basilica
Saint Mary’s Basilica

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