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Mulli to Manjoor; a parade of scenes – Nilgiri Omnibus Part 7

A few words about the mist in Nilgiri Mountains. Mist is the suspended water droplets in the air. When hot and cool air mix, hot air faces temperature drops and water carried into it separates and suspends in the air. Nilgiri Mountains are surrounded by hot planes at all four sides. In the east are Western Ghats and Kerala region.
Parade of Scenes
Manjoor in the mist
Especially air in this direction is full of moisture and when it collides with the cold air of mountains then mist is born. Mist forms and disappears with the air movements. Almost all visitors in Nilgiris witness this game of mist and sunlight. Mist has a unique character that it carries the aroma.

If any flower is around then mist will be carrying its fragrance. Mist always carries the aroma of moist soil also. In Nilgiri mist always carries the fragrance of tea that is roasted here and there in the tea factories. Now this tea aroma wakes up the craving for the tea. Many time I just get mad there to have a cup of tea. Not just I but anyone whomsoever is with me gets mad. Every body gets mad for tea here, so there are tea shops everywhere in the Nilgiris. Once we two friends were walking in the wilderness of Nilgiris and this mist hit us and tea perfume made us crazy and then our current goal of life was to find the nearest tea shop. Same thing is true about sandalwood trees.
Parade of Scenes
Parade of Scenes
They emit their smell only in the mist otherwise you’d never even know if they are there. In mist sandalwood area gets dangerous because that same perfume attracts snakes (mostly cobras) there. There are plenty of Sandalwood trees in Nilgiris but cool temperature of the mountains retard their fragrance but still one can feel a whiff now and then but only in the mist.
Parade of Scenes
Parade of Scenes
I have written several posts of Nilgiris. Every scene is breathtaking here. Manjor has some extra charm because it is greener and more wildflowers grow around here.
Parade of Scenes
Parade of Scenes
Next day we take a long walk towards Upper Bhavani. We pass several villages and then after many kilometers we take the bus going towards Thai Sholai.
Parade of Scenes
Manjoor in Mist
This bus ride turns out our most scenic ride in Nilgiris so far. After Thaishola tea estate road enters in jungle and climbs. Road passes in between many cascades and waterfalls and then enters into a cold alpine meadow surrounded by Sholas.
Parade of Scenes
Manjoor Bazaar
In Nilgiris, forests are called Shola. Sholas are patches of evergreen subtropical broad-leafed forests situated as islands within the grass meadows.
There bus ends in the meadow surrounded by dense jungle. Road continues towards Upper Bhawani area followed by Kerala border but there is no public transportation available. Very few people go this way so road and area in general is deserted.
Area is so beautiful that we decide to walk back to Manjoor but people stop us. They force us to get on the bus because it is the only one and the last bus for the day.
Parade of Scenes
Manjoor town, Nilgiris
They say that area is full of dangerous animals. We somehow sneak out of the bus and keep walking but when bus comes near us; it stops and again conductor and driver force us to get in the bus so we get in the bus and return to Manjoor.
Passiflora grows all over Nilgiris as wild or also cultivated. This is extremely beautiful flower. At the season it gives yellow fruits, in Ooty these are sold as passion fruits. These are sweet but taste like one is chewing grit so most people throw away flowers.

Wild Passiflora in Nilgiris
In wilderness also most of the flowers stay with the plant because not many people eat these. I can eat one fruit at a time. Pessiflora has medicinal value; tincture of these plants is sedative. It causes sleep so people use it for insomnia, this medicine is non-habit forming sleeping drug.
Beautiful flower Hydrangea is another flower grows in Nilgiris.

Hydrangea in Nilgiris
This was once imported from western world and it flourishes here. Hydrangea is the only flower in the world that bears multicolored flowers on the same plant. It can grow to a small tree and it also blooms in Nilgiris year around.
Poinsettia also grows wild here.

Wild Poinsettia in Nilgiris
It is a very pretty species of Spurge. At many tea estates, poinsettia makes a red colored hedge.
A couple of wild sunflower spices also grow here abundantly.

Wild Sunflowers in Nilgiris
These sunflowers bloom whole year around and are found all over the mountains in abundence.
Mountain rhododendron also grows here and blooms almost whole year with brilliantly colored red flowers. A sherbet is made with these flowers and considered a tonic for women health.

Wild Rhododendron in Nilgiris
Unlike Himalayas Niligiris Rhododendron bloom whole year around.

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