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Basantpur village (Unknown Kumoun 10)

Unknown Kumon

Nanakmatta Sahib (Unknown Kumoun: 1)
Tanakpur (Unknown Kumoun: 2)
Chalthi and Champawat (Unknown Kumoun 3)
Lohaghat and Advaita Ashram (Unknown Kumoun 4)
Pithoragarh (Unknown Kumoun 5)
Jhulaghat on the India-Nepal border (Unknown Kumoun 6)
Baitadi Nepal (Unknown Kumoun 7)
Dharchula (Unknown Kumoun 8)
Ritha Sahib Gurudwara (Unknown Kumoun 9)
Basantpur village (Unknown Kumoun 10)
Last village on the mountains (Unknown Kumoun 11)
Most dangerous Nandour valley (Unknown Kumoun 12)
End of trail at Chorgalia (Unknown Kumoun 13)
At the morning rain stopped but there was snow over the mountains. We are asked to come in the kitchen for breakfast because it was warm there. While we are eating, Sewadar Balwant Singh asks me about our plan for today, I tell him that we will be leaving. I will be trekking to Haldwani and Lala Pawan will be finding some horse to get to his village. Balwants Singh insists me to carry some food with me for the way but I decline. I will eat whatever I get on the way. It is a two days trek but I will see two or three villages in between. However Lala Pawan asks for food to be carried and Balwant Singh packs him some roties and subzi.

Basantpur area

Lala insists me to come with him on the horse till his village but I plainly decline so he goes alone to find a horse in the village. I set to my walk alone and come at the confluence of the river that is about 60 feet wide. School children are crossing the river; they all take their shoes in their hands and walk in the knee deep water. I also take off my shoes and walk in the water but only to rush back. I cannot stand this cold water. Kids laugh at me. I have no other choice but make up my mind to make a run in the water till the other end.
I jump in the water and begin making a fast run but I freeze after some steps. I want to return but keep on walking and my feet are burning as I am walking on fire. In the middle I am about to collapse with my feet set on fire but somehow I make it to the other end and collapse on the rocks by the bank. My legs are burning. I never knew if it may happen this way and burning sensation is intense. It is cold but sunlight is touching the valley just 100 feet from me. I try to get to there but again crash on the banks of the river because I don’t feel my legs. I know that I will be staying here for more time so I make myself comfortable and crawl to the grass, making my backpack as my pillow. Children keep coming and they all laugh at me seeing me flat at such odd place.
Lala Pawan also passes me on his horse. He laughs at me and asks me what I am doing here. I tell him that cold water stung my feet and he laughs off and leaves away. In about an hour my senses return and I am able to wear my socks and shoes. I resume my walk towards East by the main river. I have to walk 3 kilometers to the trail-head for the mountain villages, there I have to climb on the mountain, and first village Basantpur is visible in the middle of the mountain.
On the way I find horse that Lala tood and horseman returning but without Lala. I ask him what happened.
“Saab woo to bahut kamina nikla, maine usko chai ke dookan par patak diya.”
Well, I congratulate horsemen for his coming to know this fact so soon. I keep walking on the level path by the river.

Basantpur area
At the tea shop where the mountain climb begins, I find Lala Pawan in a state of hysteria, he is searching all his pockets with both his hands. There are 4 other people at tea shop, who are about ready to go to the villages on the mountains but all are looking at him putting up a comedy show.
As I come near, Lala whispers in my ear, “Did you find a thousand rupee note on the way.”
He says in my ear, “I think my note fell down on the path, if they will know they will make a run for it. You sure you didn’t find any note?”
“Lala Ji, you can search my pockets and everything.”
I order 2 cups of tea; one for myself and one for Lala Ji who is looking pale and jaundiced.
“Can you come with me to find my money, it is very important to me. Two people have more chances to find it.”
Since I have to walk another 22 kilometers in the mountains to get to the village where I plan to sleep so I have no time to accompany Lala to find his beloved money. I say him no and he is very disappointed.
“I treated you like my son and here you are – same selfish as everybody else.”
He drinks the tea and I pay for both cups. Then he realizes that in the frenzy to find his 1000 rupee note, he just had tea with sugar and that is not good.
In the desperation he prepares his insulin dose but I help him to give him a shot.
Lala runs back to find his beloved 1000 rupee note.
I begin my steep climb to Basantpur that is 6 kilometers and then further 6 kilometers are other villages on the path and then more six kilometers of wilderness to get to the top of the mountain. And then again 4 kilometers of walk down to get to a village where I am told – a Master Ji may provide me a bed.

Basantpur area
Path is laced by pine trees and near village terraced farms begin. I am roaming in the mountains for several days and I have build up stamina. I walk non stop for 6 kilometers to Basantpur and amaze at my own capacity. I stop at a tea shop for a cup of tea.
And – here comes Lala Ji on a horse.
Lala Ji upon seeing me asks the horseman to stop there. Actually he is very uncomfortable on the horse.
“Did you find your money?” I ask.
He embarrassingly tells, “Well I found it in my pocket that I missed to search at that time.”
I clap.
I buy him and the horseman a cup of tea but this time Lala ji shouts for his tea with no sugar.
It is apparent that everybody here knows Lala because almost everybody is waving to him. A couple of people who are going down, they stop to chat with him and I see his face turning yellow again.
From far away we are listening to a wedding band on the mountain and it turns out it is a wedding going on in Lala’s wife’s sister’s home, her daughter is getting married and Lala has not speaking relations with them. Lala is again pale because he gets the news that his both sons are attending the wedding in the village above.
Lala is in tears and shouts to me, “They owe me money, now their daughter is getting married they wanted to buy everything from my shops on credit. If they cannot afford to marry their daughter then they have no right to give birth to girls. My foolish sons are there when I told them not to go there. Hey Ram, hey Ram.”
I also recite, “Hey Ram.”
Now ghodewala is desperate and asks for money in advance, Lala asks him to take the horse from other way to avoid that wedding home. Ghodewala says that other way is very steep and Lala is very fat. A dog fight break between Lala and Ghodewala and Lala is insisting him to take a diversion for no extra money.
Suddenly Ghodewala mounts on his horse and bolts away.
Lala mutters, “Accha hua, saala chala gaya.”
He is happy that he made it for free, this far.
Now again his eyes are full of tears because his sons are attending the wedding and he is going to see them in his own village home.
He is confused about what to do next.
I suggest, “They will return in the evening or at morning.”

Basantpur area
Since the wedding home is on my way so he decides to walk with me till outside of that village and now it is my job to find his sons and sent them to him. We begin walking and now we are walking amidst of villages. Now this whole half of the mountain is habituated with scattered homes and farms. Walking with him slows me down and I am concerned if I will be able to make it to the village where I plan to stay. Or may be I must halt at the last village on these mountains before making to the pass. Lala is in very bad shape, I am carrying his bag, and he is panting badly and his both hands on his heart.
Gradually we cover 4 kilometers and it is already 3 PM. I am hungry and Lala has food that he took from Ritha Sahib Gurudwara but I don’t feel like asking him. We reach at the outskirts of the village where wedding is taking place. Now we are listening to the band that is playing fast now and probably groom party has arrived in the village.
Before I go to the wedding home, a crowd from wedding home comes to us and Lala’s sons are also in the group. They beg Lala to join the wedding. They ask for forgiveness to him for anything that he feels went wrong. Lala is not talking with them but he is shouting at me and telling me for those wrongful deeds they did to him. Borrowed money and then borrowed more and returned very late without any interest and now they wanted to borrow more for this wedding.
“To make myself what I am, I gave myself diabetes, I gave myself blood pressure, I worked hard and now they want my money for free.”
Tears are falling from Lala’s eyes.
Bride’s family members are touching his feet and begging him that they don’t want anything from him but only his presence and blessings on this occasion.
This goes on for one hour and it is 4PM.
No way if I can ever make it to the top of the mountains.
I am stuck here and I must find some shelter.

Basantpur area
I ask Lala’s elder son who is now thinking that I am his father’s best friend; that if he may find some shelter for me for tonight in this village. His son consults with others and informs me that they have space for me too. They have a 2 room panchayati dharamshala at Basantpur that they have arranged for groom’s party and bedding is also there; since most of the wedding party is returning in the evening so there is plenty of room for me.
Now they all drag me along with Lala to the wedding home. I am happy that I will be having a party in the mountains that I never expected. I am also happy that I will be spending a night in this serene place. We arrive at the wedding home and suddenly news spreads that I am an Engineer in America. Everybody rushes to me to shake hands with me. Groom party has just arrived; groom also comes to me to shake hands. A friend of groom hands me a whiskey glass, somebody brings me snacks. I am very embarrassed that instead of Mr. Groom, I am the chief guest here. Lala Pawan also comes and sits with me; a glass is give to him also.
He is not happy at all.
Well to cut the story short, I and Lala end up in Dharmashala together at night. Lala wants to have some food and liqur because he didn’t eat or drink at the wedding place. I give money to the son to bring us a bottle and whatever food he may find in the village shop. He goes out and brings a homemade liquor bottle, bhujia and some buns.
Lala and I drink.
Lala makes me judge and presents the case of his elder son to me and orders me to talk logic to him but son walk away.
Now Lala makes me judge again and presents the case of his younger son and orders me to talk senses to him. But I already had a long chat with his both sons who think their father is a mean man.
Younger son shouts at his father, pointing at me, “I want to be like This Uncle Ji, I want to see whole India, want to see the whole world. I want to go to America. Uncle Ji promised that he will take me to America.”
Now Lala is looking at me with venomous eyes, he wants to kill me.
I look at him and give him miserable smile but I am safe here whereas he is an outcast.
When his son leaves I tell it to him, “Lala Ji, don’t worry, I said to take him to America only to make him my friend. It is next to impossible to take him to America.”
Lala becomes my friend again.
Well his son asked me two hours ago if I will take him to America and I said – sure.
On the first place Lala told his sons that I am from America and then this concept spread to Whole Mountain.
Even Bride and Groom both came to ask for my blessing and I presented them my share of shagun and blessings and said to them, “May you all visit me in America.
Upon hearing this Mr. Groom shouted, “Golu Devta ki Jai. Golu Devta bus aap ki sun lae.”
Now Lala has another scheme to break his son’s marriage he says to me, “My son is 25 years old and he still does bed-wetting, I am going to inform this to this girls family. She lives in Basantpur.”
I reply, “This is a bad idea, they love each other and in case he still marry her, your relation with him and his family will distort forever.”
Now Lala is again thinking. He says, “This girl wants to marry him only for my money.”

Cholai plantation around Basantpur
We go to sleep on the bedding arranged on the floor in the one roomed dharamshala in Basantpur.
Some days after this, Lala Pawan had a massive stroke.
He recovered largely but right side of his body is still limp.
Now his both sons take care of his business.
He also bought a huge store in Haldwani.
Servants bring him to his shop and he sits there from dawn to dusk.
His both sons married to the girls of their own choice.
To be continued:
Next -
Last village in the mountains ………..
Juglan Regia
(Walnut or Akhroot tree)
Bark of this tree is used to clean teeth and makes mouth red.
Juglans Regia.
Nux juglans. Walnut. Juglandaceæ. Tincture of leaves and of rind of green fruit.
Clinical.─Acne. Anus, burning in. Axillary glands, suppuration of. Chancre. Ecthyma. Eyes, pain over. Favus. Flatulence. Headache. Herpes. Herpes preputialis. Levitation, sensation of. Menorrhagia. Purpura. Ringworm. Scurvy. Spleen, pain in. Syphilis.
Characteristics.─”It was said that in the golden age, when men lived upon acorns, the gods lived upon Walnuts, and hence the name of juglans, Jovis glans, or Jupiter’s nuts” (Treasury of Botany). From many points of view the walnut-tree is of very great importance, and well deserves its lofty name. Besides providing food, at any rate fit for the gods, and wood at once light and strong, a sap that yields sugar, a fruit that yields a dye and an oil, and serves for pickles, the Royal Nut has a place in medicine which deserves to be better known. The Treasury of Botany gives a hint to homœopaths in this remark: “Its plantation should not be too near dwellings, as some persons are affected by the powerful aroma of its foliage.” The remarkably brain-like appearance of the nut has given rise to the notion that it is a “brain-food.” I cannot say that there is any other ground for it; but in Clotar Müller, who was the first to prove Jug. r., it produced this curious symptom: “Excited, as if intoxicated, in the evening in bed, and a feeling as if the head were floating in the air”; showing a decided brain action, such as we generally associate with the “wine” rather than the “walnuts” of dessert. Peevishness and mental indolence were other mental symptoms noted. The head symptoms are as marked as those of Jug. c., but the lancinating pains were not noted in the occiput as with that remedy, but in the forehead. There are few remedies which cause flatulence and bloating of the abdomen more markedly than Jug. r. It appears to affect the spleen more than the liver (opposite of Jug. c.). There is diarrhœa, and many rectal and anal symptoms; but the diarrhœa is not so distinctly bilious as that of Jug. c. Like Carya alba and Jug. c., Jug. r. is hæmorrhagic, the blood being black and clotted (uterine). Remarkable symptoms of inflammation and ulceration appeared in the male sexual organs. This to a large extent belongs to the general integumatary action of the remedy. It was Clotar Müller who made the observation that “In the digestive organs it causes derangement and irritation, which simultaneously call forth abnormal symptoms in other organs, especially in the head.

Juglan Regia or Walnut or Akhroot tree
After this action, which is brief, appear various exanthematous symptoms, which appear late and run a chronic course.” The skin symptoms of the Regia are more pronounced and varied than those of Cinerea. This has led to its more frequent use in scrofula, as skin and gland affections go much together. Farrington says Jug. r. is one of the best remedies in “tinea favosa, especially in the scalp behind the ear, itching is intense at night so that the patient has difficulty in sleeping.” Scabs appear on arms and in axillæ. In the proving of Jug. r. the symptoms went from the right axilla to left. In a patient of mine, a nurse who had poisoned her left arm some years before from a septic and possibly syphilitic case, inflammation of the axillary glands ensued, first of left then of right, leaving an eczematous itching condition. The glands of the groin also became affected. Elaps. 200 had relieved the bulk of the conditions, but there was still a little irritation occasionally in the axillæ, and I thought I might expedite matters by giving Jug. r. 12 three times a day. This is what happened: Five days after beginning the Jug. r. an eruption of minute vesicles appeared on her back, itching much. It extended all up the centre of the back from sacrum to mid-dorsal region, spreading out below, tapering above. She had scratched holes in two places. The rash was < after washing. But all soreness and irritation had gone from the arms and axillæ. I antidoted with Rhus 12. Four years later she had had no more trouble with the glands. Cl. Müller, who experienced the axillary skin symptoms in his own person, had never suffered from a skin affection before. One of the provers was cured of an itching eruption of the legs from which he had suffered in winter for four years, the itching commencing as soon as he began to undress. Many of the symptoms closely resembled syphilis, and the affection of the cheek in one of the provers was actually diagnosed as syphilitic by a medical man who saw him in Cl. Müller’s absence. The left side of head, face, and abdomen mostly affected. Axillary symptoms proceed from right to left.

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