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Railroad drawbridges of NJ

Area of New Jersey touching New York city is crisscrossed by rivers that merge with Hudson and make a delta. Area is one of the heaviest populated in the world and is a transit hub for hundreds of sea ports on these rivers. These rivers are navigational with barrage and tug-boat traffic.
So when a road encounters a river, it is passed on a very high bridge and these bridges too are spectacular but more spectacular are the draw bridge that rail lines pass through. Since railroads need a gentle elevation so making high bridges requires miles long ramps on both sides hence practical idea is to build a drawbridge.
What is a drawbridge:
Drawbridge is a movable bridge that is raised or opens up to let the higher ships pass through under them. A segment of Panbam bridge near Rameshwarm (India) is a draw bridge.
Following are some of the spectacular bridges that I come across.
Upper Hack Lift Drawbridge

Upper Hack Lift is a lift bridge is on the New Jersey Transit Main Line across the Hackensack River at mile 6.9 between Secaucus, New Jersey and Lyndhurst.
HX Drawbridge
HX Draw is on the New Jersey Transit Bergen County Line and Pascack Valley Line across the Hackensack River between Secaucus, New Jersey and East Rutherford. The bridge is also known as The Jack-Knife because of its unusual method of opening. This bridge is one of the first heel trunnion bascule bridges built in the United States.
Lower Hack Lift Drawbridge
The massive 3-track, Lower Hack Lift is a lift bridge carrying the New Jersey Transit Morristown Line across the Hackensack River at mile 3.4, Jersey City, New Jersey.
The PATH Lift is a lift bridge on the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) rapid transit line across the Hackensack River between Kearny and Jersey City, New Jersey.
Conrail’s Passaic and Harsimus Line Bridge is a rail bridge over the Hackensack River just west of Secaucus Junction in northeastern New Jersey, USA. The two-track, moveable swing-span between the towns of Kearny and Secaucus belongs to the Amtrak Railroad System.
Arhter Kill Vertical Lift Drawbridge
Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge (Staten Island Railway) is world’s longest lift bridge connecting Elizabethport, New Jersey and the Howland Hook Marine Terminal on Staten Island. The bridge was built by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in 1959. It is a single-track bridge that parallels the Goethals Bridge. It’s two 215-foot (66 m) towers and a 558-foot truss span that run across 500-ft channel. It clears mean high water by 31 feet when closed and 135 feet (41 m) when lifted.
Lyndhurst Swing Drawbridge
The Lyndhurst Draw is a swing railroad bridge crossing the Passaic River between Clifton and Lyndhurst in northeastern New Jersey.
Dock Drawbridge
Dock Bridge is a pair of vertical lift bridges crossing the Passaic River at Newark and Harrison, New Jersey used exclusively for railroad traffic. It is the 7th crossing from the river’s mouth at Newark Bay and is 5.0 miles (8.0 km) upstream from it. Also known as the Amtrak Dock Vertical Lift, it carries Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, and Port Authority Trans Hudson trains. It is listed on the state and federal registers of historic places.
From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dock_Bridge
Point no point Drawbridge
Point-No-Point Bridge is a camelback through truss bridgea railroad crossing the Passaic River between Newark and Kearny, New Jersey in the New Jersey Meadowlands. The swing bridge is the fourth from the river’s mouth at Newark Bay and is 2.6 miles (4.2 km) upstream from it.
Raritan Bay Drawbridge
The Raritan Bay Drawbridge, also known as the Raritan Bay Swing Bridge or Raritan River Railroad Bridge, is a swing bridge crossing the Raritan River a half mile from where in empties into the Raritan Bay in New Jersey. It connects Perth Amboy to the north and South Amboy to the south.
Lehigh Valley Drawbridge
The Lehigh Valley Railroad Bridge is a vertical lift bridge spanning the Newark Bay in northeastern New Jersey. It is used by CSX Transportation company travelling through the North Jersey Shared Assets Area of the United States rail network along the National Docks Secondary line. The bridge is just north and parallel to the New Jersey Turnpike’s Newark Bay Bridge. An often seen train using the bridge is the Juice Train coming from Florida.
Sambucus grows all over New Jersey along the railroad tracks especially near river bridges.
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Skin.–Dry heat of skin during sleep. Bloated and swollen; general dropsy; profuse sweat on waking.

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