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Alaska Omnibus Part 3

We zoom into USA again as there is no border post in Hyder and enter in the only deserted tiny street.
There is just one hotel run by an old lady so we ask for the room. Upstairs she opens a decent suite with furnished kitchen and we love it and take it for just $70. We make tea in our room, the come out to walk along the Portland Canal towards a parked sea plane in the water. Area is mixed up between 2 countries so we walk.
Sea Plane

At a point we stop in confusion to walk further or not because we feel we may be crossing into other Canada again but and Immigration officer from the border post at about half kilometers from us is looking at us with his binoculars and waves us to continue walking. This time it is not the same Punjabi girl but a young gentleman. We go to Sea-Plane that just came from Juneau,
Pilot thinks that we are his potential clients and says, “My bird is low on aviation fuel, we cannot fly. Sorry.”
We pretend that we are sorry to know that.
He has some cold coffee in his thermos that he filled up in Juneau, and he offers us some and we gladly accept. We remove our shoes and sit on his water-airplane’s float that is jumping with the waves, while hanging our feet in the ice cold water of Portland Canal and enjoy every sip of this coffee. He is cleaning his plane, we offer him help, he refuses but he says if you want to look inside, be my guest. So we enter in his plane bare feet but we feel caged so we come out and again sit on the float.
USA Canada border near Hyder
As my feet are in the near freezing water, I feel I am touching something and I get curious and look in the water. It is a large salmon fish and she attacks me on my toe with its vicious fangs but I get lucky and she is only able to take away a small chunk of flash only.
We walk along the shore and then return to main road and walk towards Stewart. Same immigration waves us smilingly when we pass border post. I ask him how they shave the steep slope of the border he said that they have specially designed equipment for that and at some places those machines are dropped on the mountains with helicopters. We walk 3 kilometers along the water, in utterly scenic terrain and arrive in Stewart. This is the the South Most Fjord. At our right is Portland canal, the body of water that goes to Pacific Ocean and at our left is the wall of towering mountains. Bottom has tallest trees in the world and top is full of snow. In just 3 kilometers, one may see several huge waterfalls. Since days are very long near arctics so snow keeps melting and turns into huge waterfalls.
Ledum Pulstre
There comes an ice-cream shop and it appears that this shop is the only meeting point in Stewart and everything that happens in the town happens here.
We enter in an ice-cream parlor and order ice creams. This Punjabi Immigration Officer girl is sitting there and having an ice-cream.
Rajan is upset at her because she gave us some extra hard time at border crossing whereas her colleague was so friendly to us. I wave to here but she ignores us. May be we are looking like hooligans, our swelled faces like we are coming straight from some street fight. Our ears look frightening. Our eyelids are also a nasty bulge over our eyes and with each blink we feel we are pushing some serious weight. Her ignoring us also bothers the lady who served us ice-cream; after-all she belong to the same country that we came from.
Picture taken from Hyder
After ice-cream we go beyond Stewart till the river meets the saltwater fjord, and area is mesmerizing. We return after 3 kilometers because we had to walk further 6 kilometers to our hotel. We again enter in Stewart and Punjabi girl (Immigration Officer) is in her car and about to start it. I wave her and again she ignores us like we do not exist.
Ledum Palustre
We walk past her and as we are on the road along the water and she passes us. Just behind her there is another car and it stops and offers us the ride but we politely say thanks. Each vehicle going towards Hyder makes a stop by us and offer us ride.
After a turn we see that Punjabi Girl is stopped at the scenic Lookout and sitting in her car. There we pass her again and this time we ignore her and continue our walk. She again drives past us and again but stops her car next to us and asks us if we need any ride and we politely decline.
She didn’t move but stares us in anger.
I say to her, “Why …”
She interrupts me and shouts in anger, “Because when I deal with people from India, I am under extra scrutiny. Are you satisfied, NOW?”
“Thanks for everything,” I reply.
Rajan says, “Well, that was …………….”
Her face tells that she is very angry and she drives away.
We took our little revenge or may be not because she was there for us. She may have her problems but still she tried to make an effort but we realize it after a while.
Before Stewart
We continue our walk although we just want to freeze here timelessly because it is so beautiful. A couple of cars pass us and most offer ride that is constantly a minor nuisance in our solitaire. Canadians are going to USA to buy some beer or liquor bottle within the permissible quantity that they can take back to Stewart. Liquor is much cheaper in USA than Canada. In Hyder there is a liquor shop cum bar and it is always busy although the only small street seems deserted.
Suddenly clouds cover Portland Canal
We arrive at the border post and gentleman Immigration Officer there smiles, waves us and shouts, “How was your walk.”
“It was perfect. I guess only we walk here, everyone else drives.”
“Well, some people do walk here, count me also. Everyday I walk from Stewart to here.”
Glacier by the road where we saw it crashing
We come to our hotel. It is 10PM but at this latitude it is still afternoon here. Sun sets at 12PM. We walk beyond Hydra in the mountain trails but return at 11PM because it might look like afternoon but people function with clock. They go to sleep around 9PM. Indeed we wake up the lady to gain entry in our room and she is not happy about it.
Arnica Montana in Alaska
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