Auden's Col Index and Site Map


1: Trek preparations
2: Arrival in Gangotri
3: Gathering of Motley's Crew
4: Out of Gangotri
5: Beyond Bugyals
6: Trapped over cliffs
7: Auden's Col crossing
8: Trapped in the Khatling Glacier
9: Lucky to be alive
10: Back to the ices
11: Mayali Pass Crossing
12: Arrival in Kedarnath

Rudranath Trail Sitemap

1: Chopta to Mandal walk
2: Mandal to Anasuya Devi
3: Anasuya Devi to Hans Bugyal
4: Hans Bugyal to Rudranath
5: Rudranath to Toli Bugyal
6: Toli Bugyal – Dumak – Kalpeshwar

Harsil Diaries Sitemap

Harsil Diaries 1
Harsil Diaries 2
Harsil Diaries 3
Harsil Diaries 4

Unknown Kumon

Nanakmatta Sahib (Unknown Kumoun: 1)
Tanakpur (Unknown Kumoun: 2)
Chalthi and Champawat (Unknown Kumoun 3)
Lohaghat and Advaita Ashram (Unknown Kumoun 4)
Pithoragarh (Unknown Kumoun 5)
Jhulaghat on the India-Nepal border (Unknown Kumoun 6)
Baitadi Nepal (Unknown Kumoun 7)
Dharchula (Unknown Kumoun 8)
Ritha Sahib Gurudwara (Unknown Kumoun 9)
Basantpur village (Unknown Kumoun 10)
Last village on the mountains (Unknown Kumoun 11)
Most dangerous Nandour valley (Unknown Kumoun 12)
End of trail at Chorgalia (Unknown Kumoun 13)

Ganges Yamuna Trail

Uttarkashi and Thalan (Ganges/Yamuna trail 1)
Uttarkashi to Agoda (Ganges/Yamuna trail 2)
Agoda to Dodital (Ganges/Yamuna trail 3)
High altitude meadows of Himalayas (Ganges/Yamuna trail 4)
Lost in the leopard territory (Ganges/Yamuna trail 5)
Lost in the mountains again (Ganges/Yamuna trail 6)
Arrival in Hanumanchatti (Yamuna Odyssey 7)
Dinner in Hanumanchatti (Yamuna Odyssey 8)
Yanuma Dreams (Yamuna Odyssey 9)
Hanumanchatti to Kharadi Falls(Yamuna Odyssey 10)
Yamuna in Barkot (Yamuna Odyssey 11)
हम भी मिले थे कभी जमुना किनारे. (We met by the river Yamuna) (Yamuna Odyssey 12)

Ancient Pilgrims Trail in Himalayas

South America Omnibus

Meet El Señor Balwinder Singh from Ecuador (South America Omnibus 1
El Señor Balwinder Singh of Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (South America Omnibus 2)
Ecuador to Peru border crossing. (South America Omnibus 3
Back to Lima (South America Omnibus 4)
San Cristobal Slum of Lima (South America Omnibus 5)
Meet Satbir Singh of Lima (South America Omnibus 6)
Lima Epilogue – (South America Omnibus 7)

Isreal Omnibus

Israel Omnibus Part 4 -5
Israel Omnibus 1 to 3

Posts on Bhatinda (Bathinda)

Bhatinda (Bathinda) Chronicle (Part 1)
Bhatinda (Bathinda) Chronicles (Part 2)

My Other posts

Great Smokey Mountain railway of America
Blue Ridge Parkway of America
Everybody loves Puri
Rameshwaram and its secret beaches
Wonderful Thunderful Devprayag
Unforgettable Uttarkashi
Ooty's hidden marvel. Walk from Lovedale to Ketty ...
Mighty Mekong River at Thailand and Laos Border
Lukla Airport, Nepal. Scariest airport of the worl...
Ranakpur, hidden deep in Aravali Mountains
Phalodi and its salt mines and birds
Namche Bazaar, a bazaar below Mt. Everest
Enchanting Savanadurga, Bangalore
Extremely beautiful Kotagiri
San Francisco's inclined streets and Teja Singh
Beautiful Subramanya Ghati, Bangalore
Southall UK, Gloom and Bloom
Kandy, Sri Lanka
One day in Taipei
Fraser River Valley, BC Canada
Chilliwack, BC Canada
Yellapur in Western Ghats
Jaisalmer glows gold in the morning.
Gokarna, the postcard beauty
Erode will not Erode from your memory
El Paso/Juarez A river separates Rich and Poor
Train watching at Lytoon and Chilko River rafting
Chamundi Hill, Mysore
Brahma Kamal; Gods are not obliged
Whistler, BC Canada

Alaska Omnibus

Kedarnath Valley and Mystery of Shilajit Series

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